New to 3D printing, need help!

2022.01.16 16:41 jmholmes2323 New to 3D printing, need help!

I recent got my first printer (Voxelab Aquila X2) and have made a few things, am experiencing an issue. The filament doesn’t stick to the plate in the corner of the print. It sticks fine through the piece but once it gets to the corner it lifts slightly, eventually causing the whole print to go bad. I’m very close to returning this and cutting my losses. Any help? Can/should I put the plate in a dishwasher or something to clean it? I’ve tried rubbing alcohol on it to clean it and still see the same issue.
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2022.01.16 16:41 Ok-Mastodon2016 Would you say Stolas and Blitzo are good fathers?

They're certainly loving fathers, no doubt about that. As Arcane has taught me though, caring parents aren't always good parents. I wouldn't say they're bad fathers, but they do have issues (Stolas more than Blitzo in my opinion, though I do still love his relationship with Via)
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2022.01.16 16:41 whitedsepdivine Does anyone know what is happening at Dean Honda on 51? The lot is completely empty.

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2022.01.16 16:41 twistedveggies Not sure what to do next in gearing process? Please help!

After I've acquired my set and core items for a build, am I better off rerolling for the ancient versions / ones with higher stats from kadala, or reforge them in the cube?
Right now I just have normal set items and legendaries with random stat values, so next im looking for the ancient versions with the correct stats. I'm assuming I spend blood shards to hopefully get an ancient version of a piece then reforge it? If so what do I do with duplicate set items and legendaries that aren't ancient?
Is there a certain order on what to spend bloods shards on to get said ancient items? Weapons, armor, jewelry etc.
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The Nexo Exchange makes buying and selling crypto and fiat fast, simple, and secure. Swap your crypto instantly, with unlimited transactions and 100+ crypto and fiat pairs.
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2022.01.16 16:41 veganyiffer420 If my mother asks me "wyd" one more time Im just gonna be honest and tell her im jacking off.

She texts me every other evening at like 10pm. What the fuck else do you think im doing at this time woman?! GOD DAMN!
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2022.01.16 16:41 Elyotus Swiss German lessons

Hi! I have a C1 level in German but I still struggle to fully understand Swiss German and am unable to speak it. Are there any good classes in Zurich worth taking to learn Swiss German for someone with a good/advanced level of German?
Thank you!
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2022.01.16 16:41 ThatDamnPaladin Playing with Portals ch 4: Smol but Scary

I have been informed that attempting to fight u/BlueFishCake for ownership of his property is illegal in the United States and most first world countries. So, I will have to settle for simply writing within his beautiful universe full of sexualized purple space women, floofy murdercat-dogs, and of course all the other various flavors of space woman.
Oh that and if he does want to duel me we have to do it at dawn on a Thursday.
Entering into the mess it was quote clear tht the place was a hubbub of nervous energy that prickeld the back of Roderick’s neck. It was painfully clear all the women and the few men here were afraid, frightened, confused, or in some cases very, very angry. He couldn’t really tell emotions apart but the room was so tense with negative feelings that even his own sub-par empathy was picking up on it.
And that worried him immensely.
However, gazing over the room itself… he noted there were a fair few armored individuals who were glancing nervously toward the flat and blacker than black wall pane- oh! That’s a television type-screen! He had to frown though- why were they so nervous?
Ki’laye herself had almost run him over when he stopped to scope out the situation. But, it was that stumble and her squawk of an exclaimation that got some glances and then full on stares in their direction.
After all, Roderick’s not in fashion, and that might be why they were staring. Cloak and traveling leathers really didn’t compare to the silvery materials the majority of the people were wearing. He had to admit, he wasn’t afraid of this lot, they were scared and well- it tugged on that sense of duty to be helpful that was engrained in his mind. Gen had managed to get it to less of a painful compulsion and more to a… helpful impulse.
But it was still there.
So, instead of allowing himself to be introduced- he spoke up, “Clearly I am not from around here, I may well ask the situation and why you all are gathered in a single area?”
His voice, he noted with amusement, was startling to the group of assembled people. He knew why, after all he was a tiny man, his voice being this horrendously gravelly gritty thing of a baritone when speaking any language other than English or Taldane was well known where he was from and from when he was…
But clearly these people weren’t used to men of a sort like his.
Now that he’d spoke up? Three of these enormous women in some of the fanciest and heaviest armor and full face coverings- which were clearly some sort of glass or… maybe even some sort of plastique? Yes, Plastique, not glass… well, they approached with heavy gaits that reminded him of Gigas- but far, far less intimidating.
After all they were only seven to eight feet tall.
The lead spoke and he was surprised by how dusky her voice sounded, oh- he liked that, “I was not aware there was a human aboard.”
Ki’laye held up her hands, “There wasn’t until half an hour ago… when the experiment was triggered into overload it; well, it did something I only thought- fantasy maybe?”
Roderick’s head tilted some, “Ah, you mean that rifts in reality aren’t a thing?”
The Meritorious Sergeant, Ki’laye, the Lead Woman, and all of her companions turned to stare at him. A resounding consensus of “No.” Spoken with exclaimation, question, statement, and confusion were assailing his ears. So, at this point he held up his hands- motioning for a bit of room there.
“So,” Roderick begins with a frown, “... This is the first time what she did happened? Alright, I can accept that- accidents happen like this a lot I’m not nearly knowledgeable about any of that… I am a man who fights for a living-” A scoff got his full gaze turned onto the woman who did so, “- and generally I’m a fair hand at surviving some pretty impossible things. But- ah…”
Ki’laye could all but hear the question, “We are Shil’vati.”
“Ah, good,” Roderick smiles at Ki’laye, “That avoids the question I was about to ask- so I am going to instead ask ‘How can I help?”
There was a pregnant pause before laughter rang out from the five women in combat armor; even the Meritorious Sergeant who- admittedly assumed that something had malfunctioned to let him get through the door. The laughter was stifled by the lack of embarassment on Roderick’s end.
He didn’t flush with anger or with any feeling of being- well, made fun of.
And that’s when one of the larger women- armored like an enofrocer tried to pat him on the head. Her words, condescending as they were likely to be; stopped dead before the first syllable was uttered as he not only stopped her hand from moving…
But didn’t move himself when she tried to yank her arm back. In fact, he was putting equal force into holding her arm there and making her struggle like a child. Those violet eyes of his bored into where he knew hers to be in her mask.
“I can’t get my arm back, you fucking stiff what in the Sea of Souls are you doing!?” It was clear the woman was panicking and well- that’s when she went for her sidearm.
At that precise moment he pulled.
A violent sounding KRACK echoed through the mess hall as this small, below average, male headbutted a Shil’vati Marine and sent her on her back. He’d let her arm go so she wouldn’t wrench it out of place…
Her sidearm went flying off to the side and her helmet- which now sported an enormous crack that spanned the entire mask was semi-dislodged from her face. Thankfully there was no blood on her end…
Roderick however sported a gash above his right eye that bled some and he simply ran his tongue along his lips and shook his head before spitting to the side.
That being said- he now had… four rifles trained on him?
He didn’t raise his hands but he did give a very plaintive look at these women. He’d heard the charging whine of the capacitors since he was so close. And, he just sneered, “I can easily help the situation. And your guns don’t scare me.”
The woman in charge, or at least he asumed she was because she was the one who’d approached first seemed to be trying to kill him with a glare; he could feel her eyes boring holes into him before she snorted and shook her head. Lowering her gun got some odd looks from the rest of the armored women but… her voice was firm, “Stand down Marines, Hilmari did kind of deserve being knocked on her ass.”
Ah, Marines, his eyebrows furrowed a bit before he moved to the side some to take a big glance around, “This doesn’t look like a naval installation- how are you all… Marines?”
That brought everyone up short, this ridiculous little man had seriously asked that?
Ki’laye coughed a bit, “W-well… let’s ah… take a seat and I’ll explain to the best of my abilities?
Having finally been able to sit down and fully explain to the scarred, strong, little man at the table. He had a look of absolute concern on his face as he listened. Ki’laye actively went into the roles, reasoning, and even a bit of history…
And this was about a half-hour’s worth of her explaining to a man who was clearly not in his element at all.
“... and finally we Liberated the Planet that humans call home about… six or so years ago?” By the tone of her voice it was clear she hadn’t kept up with the news; but, Roderick’s frown deepened some.
“By ‘Liberated’, I would ask what other extra… uh…” He paused looking to the woman for some help.
“Extra-Solar? Extra-Planetary?” Ki’laye suplied helpfully.
“Ah, yeah, Extra-Planetary power had a hold of them?” This was said in a way that read as either incredulous or sheer disbelief.
After all, he was human, he’d said so himself twice during this entire thing. Despite the incredible strength and what was clearly the fact he wasn’t dressed like one…
“Oh, ah,” There was a pause, “Uhm, Captain Holeyuvan, were they under the thumb of anyone we know of?”
The captain, who had been the woman that approached them shrugged, “No idea, I wasn’t slated for that bit of the Liberation Fleet… I got sent here.”
Meritorious Sergent Hanno did speak up, “No, not yet at anyrate. They technically fall within a neutral zone of sorts.”
This got a very stern looking from from Roderick- before he remembered that first of all- this wasn’t Gen’s world and secondly, it sounded like the Shil’vati Imperium was a system he was familiar with.
So he didn’t have any beef with them doing this sort of thing, “Well, I do hope once you eventually break into multiple planet states or some such that you all keep up with trade agreements…”
This got an odd look from Ki’laye, “What do you mean?”
“Well, ah, you are all similar to a nation that took over almost all of the known world ah- before Earthfall? It’s a legend but you all sound like [Thassilon]…”
“Elaborate,” Ki’laye asked, “Ple-”
A voice screeched through every sound system that was available; echoing and casuing shouts of dismay and fear! And, that’s when the screen lit up and a woman with a big, sharky, grin on her face was shown.
Now, Roderick had to admit, he had a thing for interesting teeth- and he an Gen enjoyed nibbling and gentle biting. But man oh man if he was assured of his manhood he knew Gen would be wet for this woman.
Just look at those teeth.
“My god, does she need to yell?” Roderick mutters rather tersely.
“Oh, that bitch…” Muttered Ki’laye; “We’ve been sold out…”
And that’s when all of the video feeds go dead- and… the entire base shudders as an explosion happens somewhere off in the distance. Roderick himself just sort of has this look of bland amusement while everyone else is panicking. It’s quite clear that this entire thing was a farce at best and there was probably no ultimatum given. This ‘Alliance’ was going to exterminate or capture assets here to use for their own research.
This was something that Roderick was passingly familiar with and right now; the Marines- women in armor; were pacifying people with either words or forcing them back into a less aggressively panicking state. Usually with some violence on their end.
Roderick himself thought a few moments and then tilted his head toward Sergeant Hanno, “Hey, uh- is the system like… uhm… uh is it closed off from outside interference?”
This surprised the Meritorious Sergeant some, but she did bob her head in affirmative, “Yes, why do you ask?”
“So, wouldn’t that mean… she’s having to be inside or at least very close?” Roderick’s reasoning was… sound.
After all it meant there was likely a ship very, very close to everything. Even as the Captain was shouting for order and ‘putting their tits together and chesting up’ which Roderick restrained himself from giggling about…
The Sergeant considered as Ki’laye had actually gone into some rather deep thought on this, “Yes, that would mean she has to be pretty dang close. OR even connected to the communication systems. Everything we have is internal only so we can’t accidentally broadcast anything…”
Hanno gave Roderick an appraising side eye, “What’s your plan little guy?”
And with that Roderick’s smile bloomed into a big grin, “I think a little bit of playing Pirate is in order isn’t it?”
Hanno had to admit, she liked that idea quite a bit, “Oh, I think that’s a good idea…”
Ki’laye looked positively sick to her stomach, “That’s a lot of combat.”
Neither woman expected that dark and almost sinister chuckle to come from such a little man. But, that’s when he pulled out his necklace. Upon it was a sword driven through stylized mountains. But, the symbol was lost to them. And, well- his explaination was chillingly telling, “I worship the God of War, His Lord in Iron; Gorum… Combat is how I worship him in all ways. Whether through deed, action, or word. I’m saying… we need to get someone to approve us going up.”
And that mouth full of oversized teeth grew even more manic and wide in a smile that sent shivers down Hanno’s spine, “There’s killing to be done, I’m very good at that.”
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