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Haven't played the gane for almost a year, who should I invest in and keep?

2022.01.16 16:11 sunne_nga Haven't played the gane for almost a year, who should I invest in and keep?

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2022.01.16 16:11 Sudden_Acadia_1800 [help] [ps5] Need pwwt help for valley of defilement

Can someone invade me and let me kill them? Was about to give crest to selen but died on the way to her 😒 willing to help you also!
Psn - range567w
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2022.01.16 16:11 TapDaddy24 TapDaddy - Special K [OC]

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2022.01.16 16:11 Rocinante1978 Sophie Turner

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2022.01.16 16:11 mememegasad Ima sleep now

It's 11 pm for me
gonna think wholesome thoughts
night guys
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2022.01.16 16:11 ByeHaveGreatime Putting in SSD

hi, i currently use msi z87-g45 as my mobo and i’m looking to get an ssd (preferably 1tb-2tb) and currently only using a hard drive. can i get any ssd out there , and what’s the most value for money ssd i can get? Also, do i need any additional materials to install it?
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2022.01.16 16:11 Raisa189 I had Good dreams while i watch this photo at night <333333333333333

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2022.01.16 16:11 thedemoncowboy Is the iPad 12.9 enough for my needs?

I got so frustrated yesterday mid flight with the Logitech Duo combo keyboard disconnecting every 3 seconds I bought a MacBook Pro 14 inch $2499.00
My needs for the iPad/mbp is to check email, Reddit, search the web and some light photo editing.
Should i return the MacBook or the iPad
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2022.01.16 16:11 Grouchy_Energy_1394 Companies don't pay for 'wasting a trucker's time,' US Transportation Secretary says: 'We've got to fix that'

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2022.01.16 16:11 PAJAcz So, I have a problem. I have Colossus but I don't have any weapons that I can equip so the Colossus is useless. How can I get this weapon?

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2022.01.16 16:11 Andalib_Odulate One of the shittiest feelings a parent must have is seeing their daughter create an onlyfans at 18, 2 decades of work down the drain.

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2022.01.16 16:11 mitchel3010 Mining stone

Hi, I'm a long time player, dont play consistantly and just noticed that rocks dont explode anymore when you fully mine them they just shrink into nothingness since when was this changed? And why would they change it I always loved it, it was hilarious to see random pieces of stone fly everywhere
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2022.01.16 16:11 Kitty_Rawrr My husband’s response from the first scene:

Stoned: So he, like…. Fucks the goats?
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2022.01.16 16:11 Mcgrufer Which movie do you feel deserves a sequel?

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2022.01.16 16:11 RevolutionaryD6771 Had me in the first half ngl.

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2022.01.16 16:11 jbklaw Australian Tribal Start: Guides? Help?

Hi all, would love-love-love to do a "Australian tribe unites the continent" start, but I don't understand how their mechanics work at all and can't find the typical YouTube or reddit guide. Anyone know of any? Problem #1 is that it seems like the early wars don't actually let you gain territory....
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2022.01.16 16:11 19Jacoby98 Understanding the differences

I'm wanting to create a DIY router and I cannot find the differences between the different softwares (or if they are even designed for router OS)
PFSense OPNsense FreeBSD OpenBSD NetBSD OpenWRT FreeWRT
So many and I don't know which to use based upong scenario. Can anyone provide some insight?
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2022.01.16 16:11 ChronoisCross1999 Super Smash Bros 6 Concept Part 1: Characters I Think Should be Cut (Ideas/Discussion)

Even though Smash Ultimate just got its last DLC fighter in October, I'm already excited to see what the next game in the series has in store, even if the next game might be another 5-6 years away. This will be a two part series of posts where I explain which characters I want to cut, and which newcomers I want in the game. For this first post, I'll be explaining my choices on why I think certain characters should be cut compared to others in their respective franchise, as well as what new role they would take in the game, whether as an alt costume, item, spirit, or if they'd be outright removed from the game.
I wanted the list of veterans to be a nice round number, so I had to make a few tough choices, but at the same time I didn't want to "blip" half of the roster, so I came up with what I think would be a good number of characters to cut that would be more than the other previous games cut, but at the same time wouldn't be too much to the point that it deter Ultimate fans from picking up Smash 6.
Those are all the ground rules, so without further ado, here are the characters that I would cut for a hypothetical Smash 6, organized in franchise order from the official Smash Ultimate website.
Super Mario
Dr. Mario: Most clone characters are getting cut in my Smash 6 roster, so Dr. Mario being the first to be cut makes perfect sense. I would make him an alternate costume for Mario, but he would use Mario’s move set this time around.
Daisy: Same as Dr. Mario. If the Koopalings can be alternate costumes for Bowser Jr., then Daisy can be an alt for Peach.
Piranha Plant: I decided to cut 1 DLC character from Smash 4 and Ultimate, and looking at all the other DLC fighters in Ultimate, I feel Piranha Plant would have the least amount of backlash if it were removed. I would still have Piranha Plant in the game, but it would be downgraded to an item that works similar to how it does in Mario Kart, biting other fighters directly in front of you a few times before disappearing.
The Legend of Zelda
Young Link: It’s absolutely ridiculous that the only Zelda reps in Smash right now are some variation of the main Triforce trio, since it’s one of Nintendo’s most critically acclaimed game series of all time. At least Zelda and Sheik are two separate characters, and Sheik is already representing Ocarina of Time, so why does Young Link need to be here, especially when we already had Toon Link? I would downgrade Young Link to a spirit.
Toon Link: Same as Young Link, now being a spirit in the game.
Dark Samus: Alt costume for Samus, obviously.
Star Fox
Falco: Out of the three Star Fox reps, Falco being just another member of Team Star Fox while Wolf being a rival to Fox gives Wolf the edge over Falco, making him one of the only clone characters to remain in the game, but Falco would still be an alternate costume for Fox, since they behave almost identically already anyway, while Wolf has a few variations to his move set that could be built upon to make him feel like a separate character.
Lucas: It really pains me to cut Lucas, but since most clones are being cut and he hasn’t been in a game other than Smash since 2006, it only makes sense to cut him, but keep him in as an alternate costume for Ness alongside Ninten.
Pichu: Pichu is essentially a weaker form of Pikachu, since he takes recoil damage from all his attacks and is lighter than Pikachu. Since most clones are being eliminated anyway, it only makes sense to cut Pichu, and completely remove him from the game in favor of a Raichu spirit.
Pokémon Trainer (Squirtle and Ivysaur): Back in Smash 4, Squirtle and Ivysaur were already cut in favor of Charizard, and if Smash 6 is going to have a fairly significant roster cut, then it would make sense to cut them out of the game again, especially since other fighters that previously had transformations like Zelda/Sheik and Samus/Zero Suit Samus are now separate characters. It would be ridiculous to have all three of the Gen 1 starters take up three slots, so Squirtle and Ivysaur are getting cut, and are counting as two different characters despite technically taking up the same slot. Pokémon Trainer would still be a spirit, but Squirtle and Ivysaur wouldn’t appear in the game at all.
Lucario: Since Lucario has a sort of similar move set to Mewtwo, and Mewtwo is way more iconic than Lucario, they are getting cut in favor of Mewtwo, even though Lucario isn’t entirely a clone character. Lucario would still be a spirit in the game.
Fire Emblem
Roy: Roy has had a cursed past when it comes to being included in Smash games. In Melee, he was introduced before his game was even released in Japan, meaning no one knew who he was. Then, in Brawl, he was replaced by Ike, who had two games under his belt at that time and was more popular than Roy. In Smash 4, he barely came back as a DLC fighter due to fan demand, but the other two returning DLC characters were Wolf and Lucas, who were arguably more popular than him, and he still had to share the spotlight with Ike. Then in Ultimate, he got an echo in the form of Chrom, a character from the most popular game in the series at that time and from a game that already had two reps in the form of Robin and Lucina. If this trend continues, I could see Roy being cut in favor of his echo due to not having that much of an impact on the series compared to other fighters, and due to Awakening being one of the most popular games in the series. I’d make him an echo for Ike, since they both specialize in fire attacks.
Lucina: If there’s any Awakening character that’s being cut in the next game, it’s going to be Lucina, since she’s an echo of Marth, and there’s no way they’d cut Marth from the game. I’d make her an alt costume for Marth.
Corrin: The other DLC character that’s being cut is Corrin. Since they come from a relatively unpopular game in the series as well as having a somewhat negative reception upon being announced as a DLC fighter back in Smash 4, I could see Corrin being cut in the next installment of Smash. Plus, this is a personal opinion, but there are way too many Fire Emblem reps in Ultimate compared to series like Donkey Kong and The Legend of Zelda, which I feel are more popular series that deserve more reps, so that’s why I ultimately decided to cut three Fire Emblem reps, for better or worse.
Kid Icarus
Dark Pit: Alt costume for Pit.
Animal Crossing
Villager: It might seem like a stretch to cut Villager over Isabelle, but I think that since the three Mii characters already exist in the game as Nintendo’s avatar characters that Villager is kind of redundant now that Isabelle is a fighter, giving the other instance of a clone character replacing the original, since Isabelle has a big fanbase, while I wouldn’t really say Villager has a fanbase, since they’re just an avatar character, a role that’s better suited to the Mii fighters already anyway. I would keep Villager in the game as a Mii Brawler costume to reference their role as an avatar in Animal Crossing.
Street Fighter
Ken: Alt costume for Ryu.
Richter: Alt costume for Simon.
Total Cut Characters: 19
Returning Characters Roster Size: 70
And that's it! Thanks for reading this post. If you think that I could've cut more or less characters, let me know in the comments!
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2022.01.16 16:11 tomaszwarszawa Crossovers that didn't happen, but could

One of the most unique things about Payday is the way it treats crossovers. In most games (Mortal Kombat for example) crossovers are not canon, and are pretty much ignoring the lore. In Payday, characters from other franchises are straight up characters there. Keep that in mind along with amazing collaborations we already got, what crossovers you would like to see but you know we won't?
First thing that came to my mind was Hitman. Maybe Agent 47 joining the gang is a bit too much, but I could really see a mission where the gang helps him assasinate some asshole. Because of strong japanese influence in Payday, and the game being already connected to the Tarantino-verse I would love to see some Kill Bill heist, with gang fighting Yakuza under O-Ren Ishii. Imagine the fight with Crazy 88!
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2022.01.16 16:11 IndependentShower305 Join the Nudes4you Discord Server!

Onlyfans gratis https://discord.gg/ur3jQebM
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2022.01.16 16:11 Useful_Impression_58 Chicken Cheese Ball | How To Make Chicken Cheese Balls

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2022.01.16 16:11 Snoopydog63 Buck inverted 103 in mint condition

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2022.01.16 16:11 1000000students Matt Gaetz roasted: Is that what attracts you to it?

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2022.01.16 16:11 Bonus1Fact Two years into the pandemic, the omicron variant's effect on medical facilities has many reevaluating the resilience of public health systems that are considered essential to providing equal care.

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2022.01.16 16:11 nomsayiin 2022 to do list

Hey guys. I may be young (18) but I really want to be the best I can be. Last year I made a to do list for the year, I made huge progress on lots of areas I wanted to improve on. I'm going to be honest, I didn't finish my list but never the less I'm happy.
It's 2022 now. With that comes a new list, this year i plan to continue working on my goals once again.
For anyone that wants to do anything. Write it down. Look at the list every day man. Work your ass off. Stay hard.
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