Trading tombstone for royale high halos!

2022.01.16 15:15 WilmaTheUnicorn Trading tombstone for royale high halos!

Hii! I am bidding my tombstone ghostigy in adopt me for royale high halos. You can add diamonds but I am looking for at least one halo in the offer.
Highest bid: Starting bid: Ia: None
The bidding ends in 3 days (19th of january)
Proofbinder 1 Proofbinder 2
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2022.01.16 15:15 wstorz Follow-up post re: US Cold War Policy in latin america

I already covered lots of US foreign policy in central america with my last post. It was directly referenced in the show.
I dont believe that US foreign policy in South America was referenced much during the show, but it does provide some context to certain parts of theshow, like why the Soviets have connections to get Pastor Tim a job in Argentina, and how Elizabeth says that the Cold War will be won in the third world.
Also it is just interesting bc we dont get to see much of the US international spy stuff in the show for obvious reasons since its focused on domestic counterintelligence. Therefore we dont have something comparable to what phillip and elizabeth did shown by an american cia officer.
Well, this doesn't go in detail into spycraft, but is fairly important in terms of everything the US was involved in in South America: "Operation Condor (Spanish: Operación Cóndor, also known as Plan Cóndor; Portuguese: Operação Condor) was a United States-backed campaign of political repression and state terror[9] involving intelligence operations and assassination of opponents. It was officially and formally implemented in November 1975 by the right-wing dictatorships of the Southern Cone of South America.[10]"
I think it's important to contrast the US claims that they were fighting against authoritarianism and for liberal democracy, with their actions. They often supported authoritarian governments and coups against popular left wing governments bc they were more interested in anti communism than protecting democracy or freedom. Pinochet was far more authoritarian than the democratically elected socialist Allende, but we supported Pinochet bc we saw socialism, of any kind, democratic or authoritarian, as the main threat. We didnt care about the freedom of the Chilean people. Chile is just one example, but the details there are worth reading. There are other examples in almost every other south american country. Brazil's military dictatorship which violently suppressed left wing dissent and killed indigenous people en masse, is another example. It was supported by the US, and by the way, Bolsonaro is also a fan of it/nostalgic for those days.
The USSR was authoritarian, but we didnt fight them bc of a belief in freedom, the cold war was about great power spheres of influence and trying to destroy communism for us. We took down lots of democratically elected governments, or popular revolutions, bc of our fear of communism and adjacent states falling to it like dominoes.
But I'm not gonna do as much detail as my last post but merely highlight a few things: The Casualties: "60,000–80,000 suspected leftist sympathizers killed[7] 400-500 killed in cross-border operations[7] 400,000+ political prisoners[8]" US involvement wasnt limited to political or diplomatic or economic support for the various right wing governments or movements. The US trained paramilitary groups from those south american countries at their School of the Americas, but they also sent many CIA operatives of their own and special forces in to help with various on the ground operations. They also spread propaganda against left wing movements or governments, like Allendes, and helped create unrest, for example Nixon sent a famous memo to his advisers when allende was in power to "make the [chilean] economy SCREAM". The US involvement in destabilizing Chile was key for Pinochet, giving his military Junta an excuse and enough unrest and weakness to take over.
A lot of this ended after the Cold War, but many of the perpetrators were never tried and punished for human rights abuses. Pinochet wasnt tried by his own government at first after leaving office, but he was tried and detained while abroad, for human rights abuses, and bc of his age and health issues was then released back into Chilean custody. He ended up dying before the trial was over. The US of course never really got in trouble as they are 5he world hegemon and rarely face consequences.
The details are in the article but off the top of my head, some of the worst atrocities were under the Pinochet regime, although all of the right wing dictatorships in South america were doing some awful stuff. Pinochet didnt just imprison former allende supporters and socialists. He may have used that as an excuse but he imprisoned or killed or tortured anyone who opposed his regime. He "disappeared" a lot of people, which makes the number of dead hard to estimate, a lot of them were never found. One of the most prominent deaths was victor jara, a folksinger who was a known supporter of allende. People were being rounded up already en masse to be sorted out and killed or tortured in a giant stadium in Chile, but Jara was recognized:
"After the coup, Pinochet's soldiers rounded up Chileans who were believed to be involved with leftist groups, including Allende's Popular Unity party. On the morning of 12 September 1973, Jara was taken prisoner, along with thousands of others, and imprisoned inside Chile Stadium.[24][25] The guards there tortured him, smashing his hands and fingers, and then mocked him by asking him to play the guitar. Jara instead sang the Chilean protest song Venceremos. Soon after, he was killed with a gunshot to the head, and his body was riddled with more than 40 bullets.[26]
According to the BBC [27] "There are many conflicting accounts of Jara’s last days but the 2019 Netflix documentary Massacre at the Stadium pieces together a convincing narrative. As a famous musician and prominent supporter of Allende, Jara was swiftly recognised on his way into the stadium. An army officer threw a lit cigarette on the ground, made Jara crawl for it, then stamped on his wrists. Jara was first separated from the other detainees, then beaten and tortured in the bowels of the stadium. At one point, he defiantly sang Venceremos (We Will Win), Allende’s 1970 election anthem, through split lips. On the morning of the 16th, according to a fellow detainee, Jara asked for a pen and notebook and scribbled the lyrics to Estadio Chile, which were later smuggled out of the stadium: “How hard it is to sing when I must sing of horro Horror which I am living, horror which I am dying.” Two hours later, he was shot dead, then his body was riddled with machine-gun bullets and dumped in the street. He was 40"
Pinochet's government also was infamous for throwing dissidents out of helicopters to their deaths. In fact, it spawned a very distasteful 4chan/right wing meme where people talk about how they want to throw leftists out of helicopters, or just mention helicopters as a metonym for that process.
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2022.01.16 15:15 Appropriate-Ad3371 Survivor

Kim izliyor ve sizce kim kazanacak bu sene?
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2022.01.16 15:15 lina_cat Having a little snooze in the sun.

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2022.01.16 15:15 premyslvaculik U novějších mobilů s Androidem je možné vypnout 2G

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2022.01.16 15:15 idarknight For BP, car chargers to overtake pumps in profitability race

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2022.01.16 15:15 torrtuga Jhunjhunwala using Boeing 737 Max (Indonesia n Ethopia crash) as ultra low cost airline a coincidence or cost reduction?

I mean, this plane Boeing 737 max had back to back crash with no survivors in Indonesia (kiiling 189) and Ethopia (killing 157) and thus banned. Then last year August 2021 Indian govt (and others) started allowing the said aircraft. And in November it is said Jhunjhunwala signed a deal with Boeing for the said plane.
Was the deal primarily from cost point of view for his new airline company Akasa, or is it safe for us to travel as Govt. has allowed the plane.
My doubt about Govt. regulation is because Go air uses faulty Pratt n Whitney engines which led to emergency landing of a Bangalore-Patna flight as one engine caught fire on Nov 21. And still I don't see them replacing it. Although Indigo did that long time back.
Links :,302%20on%20March%2010%2C%202019.
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2022.01.16 15:15 n3zuk0kamad0 client to artist question

is it inappropriate to ask an artist how much a tattoo will cost before booking? i'm looking to get a couple pieces done and would like to know the price range 3-4 months before the appointment to save up some $. also is it okay to send them what you want but not have a clear picture in mind? like i know what i want on a basic lev but not really know the actual composition? plz help :)
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2022.01.16 15:15 Educational_Ad_3757 I just mediated to across the universe by the Beatles. Felt very peaceful. This first time though. Has anyone else done the same?

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2022.01.16 15:15 NowImNothing19 Getting ready for today. Faithful since January 22, 1989.

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2022.01.16 15:15 giggsy664 How do I declare non Irish/UK/US/CA dividends?

I got a few quid in dividends from Telefonica in 2021 and the country is showing on my degiro statement as Spanish Dividends, and they seem to already have deducted 19% in withholding tax. How do I declare this in the non-PAYE Income on my income tax return on paye anytime?
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2022.01.16 15:15 ayromolio Men’s Saucony Kinvara 9.5 - $60

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2022.01.16 15:15 051Timmy Osoavarice he a tiktoker from Chicago he got 700K on tiktok. What’s y’all opinion on him?

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2022.01.16 15:15 Dontedakid Who riding ??

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2022.01.16 15:15 DaveOfOurLives A burger for the fans

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2022.01.16 15:15 Moonagi Would you support a Latin American version of the Monroe Doctrine?

For those that don't know:
The Monroe Doctrine was a United States foreign policy position that opposed European colonialism in the Western Hemisphere. It held that any intervention in the political affairs of the Americas by foreign powers was a potentially hostile act against the U.S.[1] The doctrine was central to U.S. foreign policy for much of the 19th and early 20th centuries.
Now, the European powers, according to Monroe, were obligated to respect the Western Hemisphere as the United States' sphere of interest. President James Monroe's 1823 annual message to Congress contained the Monroe Doctrine, which warned European powers not to interfere in the affairs of the Western Hemisphere, this included having land and territory.
Say in the future, A Latin American version of this (let's call it the Bolivar Doctrine or something) would warn Europe and North America (sans Mexico obviously) not to interfere in the affairs of Latin America, which includes having land and territory in the region.
Would you be in support?
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2022.01.16 15:15 DustyyShellz_-_ Haven’t taken pictures of my collection in months, have a lot to build still just nowhere to put it

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2022.01.16 15:15 julianasc 🥲♥️

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2022.01.16 15:15 TX908 4000 sqft 4 Bedroom Shipping Container Home, New Jersey

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2022.01.16 15:15 NoLegsOleg What do you guys think of the Kraken V3 w/ Hypersense? I just bought one and wanted to know peoples thoughts on them/hypersense?

I've heard they're pretty cool but heard some people find the hypersense thing to be a gimmick but I've also heard extremely positive things about it too... So what's been your experience with them?
Also do they really crackle a lot/have audio issues?
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2022.01.16 15:15 Centralsocial3d Dasha Tokarieva

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2022.01.16 15:15 SumPodcast SumSmp(New season)


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2022.01.16 15:15 TalkingTapeCassette What is it like after death?

Would I just not exist? Is there anything wrong with that? I wish I could feel nothing. No anger, no sadness, or anything like that. I’m afraid that’s not possible, so I’m wondering if not being alive will make things better because of how much I’m suffering.
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2022.01.16 15:15 hamzah77 A wallpaper I made (new York city)

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2022.01.16 15:15 The-Jack-Niles They should just give him a Black Bull robe...

Hear me out. Things might be looking kind of dire in the manga. All of our characters are in turmoil as the Spade Arc reaches its climax.
The thought on everyone's mind is, naturally, how the fudge do they get out of this? The answer is obvious.
They give Lucifero a Black Bull robe.
It's Yami's greatest move and has not failed once before. You can't fight the magic knights if you are one, obviously. Maybe Lucifero just needs a family.
And think about it, half the Black Bulls were criminals, psychopaths, or nutcases before joining and now they're like the best squad.
When Yami needed a place to live, what he do? Threw a robe at a guy.
When Yami needed a way to travel places, what he do? Threw a robe at a guy.
When Yami didn't want to go through the hassle of arresting a criminal, what he do? Threw a robe at a guy.
When Yami wanted to protect his rookie's pet bird who turned out to be a centuries old teenager from getting executed for devil worship, what he do? Threw a robe at a lady.
In conclusion, Deus ex Robe. They make Lucifero a Black Bull, they go home. Tabata probably won't do it... Robe throw is too OP, no drama that way.
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