$PUMP Waiting for Short signal on PUMP with https://t.co/a56bsndwqN https://t.co/B9fk59CNfI

2022.01.16 17:06 ShortAlgo $PUMP Waiting for Short signal on PUMP with https://t.co/a56bsndwqN https://t.co/B9fk59CNfI

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2022.01.16 17:06 shiny_axolotl Majors for engineering?

What’s a good major for engineering?
I’m a high school student considering applying to UNC for college, and I just wanted to know what’s out there for engineering. I know that UNC isn’t really an engineering school like NC State is, and only really has comp sci, BME, and environmental engineering, as well as the applied sciences and engineering minor. I’m interested in working with both mechanical/hardware and software, so what would be a good major or majominor combo with this in mind?
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2022.01.16 17:06 SosaaZanotti anything new?

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2022.01.16 17:06 Shubhamdas0508 MOUNTAIN MADNESS Rival Plate Achieved..

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2022.01.16 17:06 Stock_Visualizer Hypocrite Politicians requiring valid Id and vaccine cards to eat but not to vote?

Politicians are requiring in some places you must have a valid ID and a vaccine card just to get into a restaurant to eat.These same politicians want to pass voting legislation to allow people who are here illegally to vote with no ID required.
Vote in the poll to share your feeling on this:
View Poll
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2022.01.16 17:06 ShortAlgo $MSC Waiting for Buy signal on MSC with https://t.co/a56bsndwqN https://t.co/sWLtgdqdML

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2022.01.16 17:06 Naay4k Anyone want to become friends on COD Mobile ? 20f

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2022.01.16 17:06 Practical_Pen_7730 LE: omega quests?

Can I go back to Omega to complete the side quests Or are they stuck on the journal screen incomplete? I think one of them has a glitch
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2022.01.16 17:06 Eharbad Champion Training Strategy Guide

Champion Training Strategy Guide
Ahead of the fusion starting shortly I thought I'd post what has been probably my best received video thus far - a detailed explanation as to how I maximise my champion training points and ultimately how I push for the legendary tomes each time they're available.
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2022.01.16 17:06 Theo_is_trans My care bear cousin oc : bamboo heart

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2022.01.16 17:06 pistachiocakes What's something you wish you heard/knew when you were a teenager?

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2022.01.16 17:06 celestialyssa Test result positive but reference range negative? What does that mean?

I had a PCR test done Friday because I’ve been exposed to two people (I’m asymptomatic though) and I tested positive. But I was looking at the detailed lab results and it says the reference range is negative so I’m kind of confused what this means
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2022.01.16 17:06 annie-pilates Video 1 What is Low impact Rehab? Core and Back Immersion Therapy

Are you having pain, poor posture, scoliosis, costochondritis, sciatica, aches, stiffness and lack of energy, weak core and abdominal muscles tight hips with poor posture and you don’t know where to start to treat the pain and be able to be active again? This is the first part of my FREE 6 Video Series . Video 1 What is Low impact Rehab Core and Back Immersion Therapy
⏩Join The Early Bird Waitlist ►https://www.backmasterclass.com/general-opt-inrvsd1tf7
⏩Get Access of the FREE 6 Part video series https://www.backmasterclass.com/authority-videos1593164698892
Core and Back Immersion Therapy: a framework for neck and back therapy. A method of Pilates, yoga and physical therapy fused together. Knowing the secrets of keeping your spine strong, healthy, stable and flexible in a gentle and safe method.
This Method is a combination of pilates, yoga and evidence based physical therapy I will show some secret solutions proven through my years of experience as a physical therapist, pilates and yoga based instructor on how to evaluate and know how to figure out the root of the pain how to maintain the best functional movement combining the movement of Pilates and Yoga along with physical therapy. For over 20 years of Physical Therapy practice and 15 years as a Pilates instructor, I have helped over 10,000 patients improve their back strength, mobility, and posture, preventing the need for expensive surgeries with lengthy recovery periods. People from different walks of life, ranging from teens with scoliosis to injured athletes all the way to geriatric population, have found relief through my CORE and BACK immersion therapy that thousands of my patients continue to use even after being discharged from my clinic and as it enables them to live a healthier lifestyle knowing they are in charge and able to effectively manage and resolve their back pain on an on-going basis. Core and Back Immersion Therapy (CBI) involves a simple lifestyle change of daily exercises that are easy to perform and effective to use, that can so easily be a part of your life. These lovely exercises are so amazing, that you will grow to enjoy an effective method that has a low impact on your joints, muscles and spine that most if not all of my patients continue to strengthen their core, back muscles and overall body.
If any of these sounds familiar to you, I have been there, I had my first back pain experience during my first pregnancy, then the second, I had C-sections and a car accident just 2 years ago that resulted to a fractured sternum that resulted to a forward head and rounded posture in order to protect my fracture for 4 months. But with the use of Core and Back Immersion Therapy you will be able to master the Neutral Spine , and how to achieve Neutral spine, with proper breathwork to core muscles and resolve the cause of the pain with improve posture and core strength. Myself and thousands of my patients have been able to regain: I’ve also got some exciting news for those who are serious about using Core and Back Immersion Therapy. In a few days I’m going to launch my Back Master Class and I’m going to take a hand-full of new students and teach them exactly how to regain life without back pain. Now, as much as I'd like to help everyone with Core and Back Immersion Therapy, I find that my students, patients get the best results when I work in a small group setting. That way everyone can get the help and support they really need to be able to get the proper guidance and amazing progression. So this is going to be a genuinely rare opportunity and spots are granted on a first- come, first-served basis. Please leave a comment or suggestion regarding this introduction video down below.
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2022.01.16 17:06 righttoremainstupid 25 [M4F] North Carolina - Empathetic Relationship

Hi! My name is Cody, I'm 25 turning 26 soon. I'm a college graduate with a Psych degree who lives in North Carolina. I love the weather and the nature here it's where I've lived my whole life.
I like gaming, reading, writing, playing soccer, and going on long walks a lot. What I tend to write are short stories, my biggest influence is Stephen King. I am pretty tall at 6'3" and skinny with short hair.
My best qualities are patience and empathy. What I'm looking for is someone who lives in NC or nearby who also shares those traits. Also it is important to me I share the same values as someone else, so I'd like for you to be left-leaning or at least moderate.
Here is a picture of me from a trip I took to Tennessee to hike up a mountain recently - https://imgur.com/jrUNr4U
If anything I said resonated with you, feel free to reach out. I'd love to get to know you better!
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2022.01.16 17:06 doughboy1001 Long Live Bread Day!

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2022.01.16 17:06 Tall_Improvement4711 [A3] [Worldwide] [Recruiting][Semi-Realism][NA][EU][New user friendly] Reaper Company (RC) 16+ - 40+ Active Members

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2022.01.16 17:06 EtherealDreamCloud Hello. My close friend wants to ask another question, but this time it's about the relationship with their girlfriend. What type of relationship? I mean, are they soulmates or twin flames or anything else? They're both okay with me uploading this. Your help would be appreciated. :)

Hello. My close friend wants to ask another question, but this time it's about the relationship with their girlfriend. What type of relationship? I mean, are they soulmates or twin flames or anything else? They're both okay with me uploading this. Your help would be appreciated. :) submitted by EtherealDreamCloud to astrologyreadings [link] [comments]

2022.01.16 17:06 Glittering_Tiger_289 Anybody selling $4 puts 1/21 exp on this?

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2022.01.16 17:06 murkr Why does the audio file in my video editing software look like this? (no waves)

I recently got a Rode NTG3. Here is my process of setting it up and the issue I'm having.
I plug the mic into a Focusrite Scarlett Solo and set the gain to 1/4.
I listing to how my voice sounds with some headphones and I make a video recording on (screen-o-matic) to do a quick hear of my voice's volume. It sounded okay so i went to OBS and made a video.
I then put that video file in my Davinci Resolve software and it looks like this https://ibb.co/JygT2rs
Why is it that my sound here looks non-existent but when listing to my voice elsewhere it sounded fine?
What would you do to correct this situation? Do I start doing processing on the audio from within Resolve or do I raise the gain on the Focusrite?

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2022.01.16 17:06 jobsinanywhere 'Sometimes need change' - Paul Pogba quitting Man Utd could be good thing for fresh start, says ex-Leeds star Dacourt

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2022.01.16 17:06 Novice_Knitter Rent/Lease Issue

So I cosigned a year lease with my sister, and we got a third roommate to help cover the cost of rent because it is incredibly expensive.
My sister has been causing me a lot of issues so I gave her 5 months notice that I am moving out/coming off the lease.
I found out yesterday (15 days notice) that our current landlord found her a new place, and that my other roommate is also moving out.
If my sister broke the lease with the assistance of the Landlord, am I stuck with the lease? Rent is more than my entire monthly income and I don't have the means to pay for next month.
TLDR; Sister broke lease with help of Landlord and I only got 15 days notice. Can't afford February's rent.
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2022.01.16 17:06 ActiveRaspberry2000 Developable surface from turning back edge

Find the equation of the developable surface which has the curve r(t)=( 6t, 3t2 , 2t3 ) as turning back edge.
Okay, so I know that if I am starting from a family F(x, y, z, A) = 0, I solve the system F=0, F'=0 and F"=0 and remove the parameter A between the equations and I find the turning back edge. But to start from a curve which is a turning back edge, I have no idea and I did not find any solved problems.
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2022.01.16 17:06 Xauengm Plowing in a beautiful sunset

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2022.01.16 17:06 AnxiousIndicator "Tough, but I hope the Place does not receive a Cent."[+72]

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2022.01.16 17:06 Severe-Draw-5979 How Is The Pagan Min DLC?

Is it essentially the Vaas DLC, but set in Kyrat and unlocking Pagan’s memories and backstory instead?
Are there rhinos / elephants?
Was there an eagle in Far Cry 4, and is there one in this DLC?
Thanks in advance for any replies.
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